Toyota Landcruiser HJ45 & HJ47 Glow Plugs

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Set of 6 new Glow Plugs to suit HJ45 & HJ47, TOYOTA LANDCRUISER H & 2H engines built between 10/1974 and 10/1982

The part number is PT-104


 (The 8.5V means the glow plug is an 8.5 volt plug in a 12 volt system).

The brand of these glow plugs is HKT.

They are a Japanese made glow plug that I have been selling for 25 years. I have been extremely happy with the quality. The company also makes glow plugs for some other very well-known brands that sell for higher prices with no extra benefit. If you cannot read the numbers on the glow plug, email me the VIN number, build date and model of the vehicle and I will advise of the correct number glow plugs to suit your application. The more information I have the better to identify which glow plugs suit your vehicle.

 It is very important to get the correct glow plugs for your model.

      The best way to check if the glow plugs are working is when you are replacing the injectors. With the motor cold, turn the glow system on and quickly have a look down the injector hole. You should see the end of the glow plug sheath glowing orange hot. What you are looking for is for all glow plugs to be glowing hot at the same intensity. If any plugs are not working correctly I recommend to replace all of the plugs at the same time. This is because if one is gone it will not be too long before another one will go. They have all done the same amount of work.    The other reason is that the new glow plug will have a different resistance to the old plugs. You could have a situation where you have one blown glow plug – you replace that one plug but still have the same problem .This is because the new glow plug does not glow up as the other older plugs have a lower resistance and as electricity flows the easiest way home not enough power gets to the plug. You have not achieved anything. The motor will still miss on start up.

Please also do not just put straight battery voltage directly to one glow plug. They are not designed for this and if you don’t blow the plug then you have reduced the life of the plug.

Get the glow plugs working correctly before you refit the injectors back in.

All Glow plugs have a 12 month warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Warranty will not be given for glow plugs fitted to the incorrect vehicle application.  

I can also supply exchange reconditioned injectors for most of these models as well as additional items such as, Filter Assemblies and other fuel system related parts.

Just send me a message for more information.


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