Nissan Patrol ZD30 Turbocharger



724639-5006S Garrett GT2052V Turbocharger to suit a Nissan Patrol/Safari 2001 – 2005 ZD30ETi 3.0 Ltr motor


This is a new genuine Garrett turbo.

Vehicle manufacturers do not make turbos. Vehicle manufacturer’s contract companies like Garrett, Borg Warner, IHI to name a few to manufacture turbos.
Garrett make this particular turbo for Nissan motor company, therefore it is exactly the same turbo as if you would buy direct from Nissan.  You will notice this by looking at the part tag on the turbo; it will show the Garrett part number as well as the Nissan part number. 


Brand                                                  Garrett

Model                                                  GT2052V (VNT)

Application                                        Nissan Patrol/Safari 2001 – 2005 (non-common rail)

Engine                                                 ZD30ETi  Diesel 3.0 litre

OEM Part Number                           144112X900, 14411-2X900, 14411VC100, 14411-VC100, 144112X90A, 14411-2X90A, 1679410G01, 14411-VC200, 1411VC200

Garrett Part Number                      724639-5006S, 724639-0006

Previous Part Number                   705954-0008, 705954-0009, 705954-0011, 705954-0013, 70594-0015, 723739-0002, 723739-0003, 734639-0002, 734539-0004

Boxed Weight                                   7.0kg (31 x 26 x 22cm)


Early model Patrols had turbos with water-cooled centre housing which have been replaced by Nissan & Garrett with turbos with air-cooled centre housings. This change occurred as the manufactures decided water-cooling was not required and all models manufactured after this date are factory installed with
non-water-cooled housings.  When replacing the water-cooled turbos with the new superseded air-cooled turbos the water lines need to be blanked off.   If your vehicle is an early model and is any one of the following part numbers – 705954-0008, 0009, -0011, -0013 & -0015, 723739-0002, 14411-VC100, 14411VC200 please advise me and I can supply a water line blanking kit for and additional $11.00 including GST.

PLEASE NOTE: This turbo does not suit Nissan Patrol with ZD30 motor 2006 onwards with common rail injection.  If your vehicle is a ZD30 2006 onwards I can supply you a turbo to suit this application.  Please send a message, email or telephone me with your turbo number and I will return to you with price and availability.

Before replacement of this turbocharger please read the following information for consideration due to recurring turbocharger failures for this application:

All Garrett VNT (variable nozzle technology) turbochargers are non-repairable, replacement only.

Turbocharger failures are generally the result of external influences, not faulty turbo design or manufacturing.  Due to the VNT system of the turbo being controlled by the vehicles computer system, incorrect sensor signals can in some circumstances cause the turbocharger to overspeed.  This is not a turbocharger fault.  However this can cause an excessive over boost situation (or a boost spike), and sometimes the vehicle will temporarily go into limp home mode. A majority of customers advise the vehicle prior to the turbo failing was performing the best that it ever had. This is a good indication that over boosting is occurring. Another indication of over boost is the turbine housing (exhaust side of turbo) will have a noticeable blue discolouration. 


I advise that when replacing this turbo that the air mass sensor should be replaced or at least checked to ensure it is working within the manufactures specification.  If the air mass sensor is not operating correctly and the vehicle continues to be driven, it will most likely cause premature failure of the replacement turbocharger. To remove further possibility or recurring failures you must ensure you check the engine lubrication and engine management systems.  If the turbocharger failure is unknown you should seek specialist advice prior to fitting the new replacement turbo.


Vehicle kilometres do not affect or relate to the wear and tear of a turbocharger.


As the above failures are caused by external factors outside of the manufacturer or suppliers control, any failures resulting from the above conditions will not be considered for warranty.

If your vehicle requires an air mass sensor please advise if your vehicle is a 4 or 5 pin sensor and contact me by message, email or telephone and I will return to you with price and availability.

Turbo comes with a full 12 month genuine Garrett warranty. 

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Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 31 × 26 × 22 cm